Dying to ditch the longing, aching, and obsessive thoughts, wondering where he is and who he’s with? 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to quell the excruciating pain, even just a little bit?!  

Maybe you think your situation is different, justifying your brain to hold on...


You fear he’s the best you’ll ever get, so you’d rather have him than no one.

Hi. I’m Claire The Heartbreak Coach. I spent a majority of my 20’s and 30’s being the ultimate magnet to a plethora of Mr. Unavailables (I mean I don’t wanna brag or anything!) while desperately and ferociously searching for a solution to what has been the most excruciating emotional pain that I’ve ever experienced-


Hi. I’m Claire The Heartbreak Coach. I spent a majority of my 20’s and 30’s being the ultimate magnet to a plethora of Mr. Unavailables (I mean I don’t wanna brag or
anything!) while desperately and ferociously searching for a solution to what has
been the most excruciating emotional pain that I’ve ever experienced--


I became an absolute shell of a human, physically, mentally and emotionally, over one specific heartbreak at 29 and 30 years old, which I now describe as my rock-bottom relationship.

I didn’t even know what emotional abuse was, let alone narcissistic abuse, until I found myself hopelessly unraveling a most tangled web of lies, cheating, gas-lighting, and smear-campaigning of my name, that took away 2 years of my precious life energy, and had me flailing in a multitude of short-lived relationships throughout most of my thirties…

Various healing modalities helped some, but I DREAMED of having a go-to expert or one-stop-shop if you will, to hook into my brain and reveal all my blind-spots that had me repeatedly attracting the same kind of man-children, and therefore repeatedly getting my heart broken.

After my last heartbreak at 35 years old, I decided I was going to move through that one differently… I actually searched for a heartbreak coach and COULDN’T FIND ONE, and it was right then and there that it hit me:

The almost 10 years of moving through multiple heartbreaks and frustrating singledom, were preparing me to BE the healer and guide I was searching for—not just to myself, but the millions of women out there who I knew were moving through the same exact struggles I was.

Here’s the deal:


Waiting for him to change, and/or your fear of being alone, AREN’T going to put the pieces of your broken heart back together.

I get that you THINK him coming back will solve all your problems, but here’s what ACTUALLY will:


Committing to YOU coming back to you-- not HIM coming back to you.


The ability to give YOURSELF the love you’re desperately seeking from him.



An understanding of the greater lesson in this for YOU, which really isn't about him.



It’s not supposed to feel enticing-- turning the focus back on you-- but it WILL get you out of this torturous roller coaster ride of emotions.

It’s time to heal you.

Love you.

Choose you.

And it doesn’t have to be this grey-area’d, monumental mountain to climb.

It can actually be quite simple...

What You Get

2 modules that include almost 30 videos as well as printable worksheets to support you in your healing-heart journey.


Course Modules

What You Need to Succeed

Stop Wanting Him Back


  • Learn the two main mindset tools you’ll be using throughout the entire course, and when to use which tool.

  • A list of do’s and dont's to make you most successful in your thought work.

  • Nip blaming yourself in the bud.

  • How to know the right length of time it will take for YOUR individual results.

  • 3 core values to remember throughout the course that will support you in stopping wanting him back.

  • How to avoid course overwhelm.

  • How to cut contact and why it’s so important.
  • Permission to grieve.
  • HOW to consciously grieve.
  • Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique. AKA Tapping.
  • When to let your heart break & when to self-coach.
  • What daily self-coaching looks like.
  • Manage thoughts on him making you less of a priority.
  • Work through the stubborn attachment of wanting him back.
  • Manage when you want to bargain and get him back.
  • Learn self-compassion for feeling the way you do.
  • Release yourself from the grip of him not wanting you.
  • Navigate through your desires for revenge.
  • What to do when you’re not sure if the work is working.
  • Exploration on the concept of forgiveness—is it necessary?
  • How to know when you’re ready for the next step to love yourself.

How to Stop Wanting Him Back


Available through October 8th




How to Stop Wanting Him Back






"Claire’s course is worth 10 times the amount. I’m self-coaching on a whole new level, and am having such profound breakthroughs that even my therapist was like, “wow you did 3 months of inner work in 2 days!” I came up with THIRTY-FIVE reasons why I DON’T want him back, and just that ALONE felt so liberating. I feel like MYSELF again."

-Juliana G., course student

"When I invested in Claire's course, I was in a very desperate place and felt lost in regards to dating the wrong men.  

I loved how SIMPLE her healing-heartbreak process was when I was feeling so mired in the stuckness, while moving through my on-again/off-again relationship...Cutting contact was so vital AND so hard, but it really was the golden solution to all my issues!  And even though the process was hard, Claire still managed to make the course ENTERTAINING!  I signed up to heal heartbreak but didn't know I'd find the experience of the course so enjoyable.  

My biggest transformation was realizing that I DESERVED to heal... Even when I was at such a low point, Claire gave me hope that if I believed in the work and followed the method, I'd find myself on the other side of the healing... which I did, as well as a new man I'm very happily engaged to!"

"When I heard Claire say on one of her podcast episodes, "You're already finding it hard in your heartbreak, so why not do the work that will, yes, also be hard, but will bring you to the light on the OTHER SIDE of your heartbreak?," it was then that I knew I had to invest in her course.

I committed to doing everything she said in the videos, and I can happily and honestly say that I have never gotten over someone so quickly!

Beyond that, I eventually found my person through following her 5 step-process to find love, and I'm amazed at how he really is all who I set out to look for! Claire really invites you to look at how you've unconsciously been operating in your love-life, and teaches you exactly how to break out of the patterns in order to not just heal your heart and find true love, but become the empowered woman you were meant to become all along, which really was my favorite part of the whole course...

If you're ready to dive in and embrace another layer of "hard" beyond your heartbreak that will absolutely get you out of it, this course is for you."

-Lisa, Ireland

"Prior to buying your course, I did EVERYTHING to try to heal over a 9-year relationship...

I moved, traveled, (literally the Amazon, Antarctica) changed jobs, did therapy, dated messily, prayed, got an RV and traveled again, & MOVED again! Everything.

After hemming and hawing about working with you 1:1, when your course came out I couldn't hesitate any longer. Then 4 months into working your course, I met the love of my life at 35 years old. He took my mom ring shopping!

He is my dreamboat. We have this amazing healing dynamic with each other. Claire, you taught me how to get over heartbreak, raise myself up, and find love... And I know that if I ever have to heal again, I can."


"I bought your course after years of going through a very on & off toxic relationship, and I have found this work REMARKABLE. I honestly didn't believe I could ever get over my last heartbreak. It seemed almost impossible. I then did the work to fall in love with my own existence and I have been dating an AMAZING guy for the last five months!

Also, I just had my birthday and was reflecting on where I was only a year ago, desperately hoping my ex would send me a "happy birthday!" text, and now my current person went through the effort of getting a stunning cake delivered and did all these little things to make me feel special.

Thank you for helping me in ways you couldn't possibly imagine!

-Lee, South Africa

"The end of my last relationship was the loneliest and most isolating period of my life. I actually found Claire’s course before I ended my toxic relationship because I knew I couldn’t do it alone, and I had to prepare to move from misery to grief.

She was a lifeline and a partner to guide me to end the agony of this man’s breadcrumbing, and start moving forward to heal. Even just her language to understand my feelings is helpful for me to gain necessary perspective, which feels like a light in the darkness.

I’m honestly still in the healing process, but I know I wouldn’t be this far without Claire's course."

"The one thing that I felt was missing from my great girlfriends & even my fantastic therapist, was the volume of specific experience Claire has in the heartbreak, dating & relationships arena... She REALLY knows what she's talking about! I did find it hard to justify spending that much money on myself, but I ultimately decided that I was worth the investment, and can definitely say it was and STILL IS worth it, as I love having life-long access to revisit the videos when I need to. I've completed 100% of the course and can safely say I became much more equipped, navigating my heartbreak-- especially when residual thoughts like, "What if he magically showed up again?," popped up, and I love that as I now put myself out to date, I don't feel as desperate or as needy. I'm much more discerning and I'm finally putting MY OWN NEEDS FIRST, which is MOST important, as I confidently and more clearly set out to find my ideal partner."


"Your course has been so transformational for me. I did indeed heal heartbreak but also over a lot of sad stories I was replaying about myself. Your tools helped me to uncover these stories and start to change the narrative alongside my work in therapy and in taking real life action. I now see where I thought a man would make my life better and instead of feeling desperate for him in those moments, I reflect and take responsibility for my own life. This is a major shift for me.

I’m so grateful for you and this course because it really felt like you were holding my hand through the worst of it. Your belief and certainty in your process has been instrumental in my sticking with the work in those tough moments when I could have fallen back into a victim mentality. Today I feel empowered, which is everything, and I’m eternally grateful for your part in that. Thank you for doing what you do-- it’s so important!"


"I just wanted to say THANK YOU so so much for this course.

It's making me feel so seen & held, and allowing me to see and hold myself, in the moments when I feel lost and alone and don't know what to do."

The most supportive friends in the world just can't do what targeted, specific, on-demand support like this can do.  (And I know because I've got awesome friends.)

This is my first holiday weekend alone in 21 years & I am caring for myself, & being with the process in a way I know I would not have without this course.

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope you know that you are supporting your clients when we need clarity the most, because of this system you've spent years building."


Are you ready to stop wanting him back and heal your heart?


Are you ready to heal your heart and find someone better?

  • 2 Module Course
  • Almost 30 videos
  • Downloadable worksheets

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