You’ve pretty much got it all:

A job you’re proud of and worked your ass off for, a home you love, a pretty balanced, healthy lifestyle (always leaving room to indulge of course) the BEST friends a girl could ask for, and perhaps certain family members drive you crazy, but you wouldn’t trade them for the world.


But there’s this onnnne area you juuust can’t seem to get a grasp on:


You’re sick of the dwelling, longing, clinging, aching, and obsessing over one too many Mr. Wrongs.


Your brain KNOWS these guys are bad news, but you just can’t seem to stop attracting them, despite how differently you think you’re showing up, leading you to sometimes entertain the possibility of being alone forever.


After all, when you’re NOT in partnership with some man-child, your life tends to be a little more easeful and a little less dramatic.

You’ve done therapy and it was great, but you feel the need for something “more,” and you’re not really sure what that looks like…


All you know is that your life would be so SO much better, sharing it with not just anyone…




The one who makes you weak in the knees, makes you pee your pants dying laughing, who showers you with affection, and is loyal, committed, EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE and never gives you a shadow of a doubt that you are his everything, and he is yours.


(Not in a codependent-y kinda way!)


Well. You’ve come to the right place.

Introducing my 6 month 1:1 coaching mentorship program program

So. What about the logistics?

Phone Sessions
We’ll meet 22 times for 45-minute sessions to be completed within 26 weeks.

Text Support
I also offer on-call text support during PST business hours. (If you’re overseas, we’ll figure out an arrangement that works for us both)

Course Access
You'll also receive lifetime-access to my course, Stop Wanting Him Back & Find Someone Better.

The on-call text support isn’t to be used as a crutch or to tell me every sad or challenging moment you’re working through… the goal of this work is for you to start to understand your own mind and become more independent with the work, but let’s say you:

  • Hear from your ex and you don’t know what to do or say.
  • You bump into your ex and you’re triggered.
  • You fall off the wagon and contact him.
  • You are despondent in bed and don’t feel you can start your day.
  • You start to really like someone new and you’re anxiety is getting the best of you, or…
  • You KNOW you’re going to be in an environment where you’ll see your ex and you’re super anxious about how to handle yourself…

Not only will we obviously have a well thought out plan in advance from our sessions, but I’m your girl at your fingertips, there to keep you in alignment with your strength, grace and ability to hold your head high and HANDLE it like the BOSS WOMAN you ARE!

And what does the course entail, you ask?

75 videos that you get to KEEP, setting you up with the tools we'll use throughout our time together, (but I hope you'll implement them for life!) as well as my three five-step processes to stop wanting him back, fall in love with you, and find someone better...

PLUS a BONUS step-by-step dating guide section! 

YOU IN?? Amazing.

Apply to my 6 month 1:1 coaching program, to complete your almost picture-perfect life.

Twenty-two 45 minute sessions plus on-call text support and lifetime course access.


**Please NOTE:  I do ask that you take your time to answer the questions on the application.  I’m not looking for full-on essays, but I want to see that you’ve given us working together some deep thought and care.**


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