How To Know When It's Time To Leave

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Heartbreak Podcast - How To Know When It's Time To Leave

Claire was inspired to do this episode because she's been coaching a few clients on not wanting to leave, and who justify staying while in the initial stages of a relationship with men who are demonstrating signs of unavailability.

She is simultaneously coaching other women who are KICKING themselves for not leaving sooner but stayed for years because they painted green over red flags.

In today's episode, Claire touches on when it's time to get out in the beginning stages of a relationship AND in the later stages of a relationship... 

Please keep in mind that she cannot cover EVERY single situation when it comes to relationships. There is always an exception to the general rules and guidelines Claire offers based on her personal experience, studies, as well as what she has observed and learned over the last 7 years of coaching on heartbreak, dating and relationships. If you are interested in her coaching you and assessing your individual situation, you can check out her group program HERE or apply to work with her 1:1 HERE.  


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