Why The Universe Keeps Sending The Wrong Guy

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Heartbreak Podcast - Why The Universe Keeps Sending The Wrong Guy

It’s super disappointing when you’re doing the work and you feel like the universe keeps rolling out one disappointing dude after the next. 

Naturally, you want to question the universe, (If you happen to believe in a higher power) and wonder what it’s all for…

In today’s episode, Claire unpacks a new situationship her client, Jen, was moving through, that she was very excited about— only to then find herself extremely hurt and sad when the guy she was newly seeing became a major disappointment.  

She understandably wanted to know WHY this was happening, as she has really leaned in for ALL the healing and growth lessons, in order to attract her ideal person. 

It became quite clear to Claire what Jen’s unique lesson was here… it might not be YOUR exact lesson for why your person isn’t here yet, or why you keep attracting one unavailable after the next, but Claire hopes this episode will help you stretch your mind to see where your area of healing and growth lies, when you find yourself in similar situations to Jen and so many people navigating their finding-love journey. 



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