Endless Possibilities To Finding Love

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Heartbreak Podcast - Endless Possibilities To Finding Love

Claire tries to avoid cliché phrases like “endless possibilities” and “stay present!” but these sayings are overused for a reason!

In today’s episode, she invites you to go back to the basics of shifting into expansive beliefs when it comes to finding your person, vs reacting off of what is or isn’t happening in your love-life, and therefore making it mean that it will never work out.

Claire uses two of her clients as examples who have a more unique circumstance than most of her clients… One client lost the love of her life because he passed away, making it extra difficult to imagine her new person, without comparing to her soulmate.

The other client is in her late 60’s and wrestles with what she believes are extra limited options due to her age, as well as feeling a next level of pressure and being rushed because she has less time left, compared to her peers in Claire’s group program.

Claire picked these two clients and their unique circumstances for this episode, because of how easy it would be to naturally fall into the trap of believing that it’s much harder for them, compared to most of her clients who come to her heartbroken over an ex who left the building and/or are single and searching in their late 20s- early 50s.

But don’t get her wrong!  She DOES understand where these two women are coming from… However, if THEY can shift into a mindset of endless possibilities, Claire hopes this will inspire YOU to do the same with whatever you believe are limitations holding YOU back from finding your person. 


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