"Claire is THE expert on heartbreak, and I firmly believe there is no one better. Anyone who's heartbroken or is needing help manifesting her ideal relationship, look no further. Despite some tough moments I had coming to grips with a true awareness of myself, I always knew I was in the right hands with Claire.

Claire’s coaching is priceless. She’s tough, but HILARIOUS, and helped me fall more in love with myself, which in turn, helped me find the best and healthiest relationship I have ever been in... all throughout a pandemic, I must add.

My results—including this handsome guy, speak for themselves!"


- April G, private client

"When I heard Claire say on one of her podcast episodes, "You're already finding it hard in your heartbreak, so why not do the work that will, yes, also be hard, but will bring you to the light on the OTHER SIDE of your heartbreak?," it was then that I knew I had to invest in her course.

I committed to doing everything she said in the 60+ videos, and I can happily and honestly say that I have never gotten over someone so quickly!

Beyond that, I eventually found my person through following her 5 step-process to find love, and I'm amazed at how he really is all who I set out to look for! Claire really invites you to look at how you've unconsciously been operating in your love-life, and teaches you exactly how to break out of the patterns in order to not just heal your heart and find true love, but become the empowered woman you were meant to become all along, which really was my favorite part of the whole course...

If you're ready to dive in and embrace another layer of "hard" beyond your heartbreak that will absolutely get you out of it, this course is for you."

-Lisa, course student


"Prior to buying your course, I did EVERYTHING to try to heal over a 9-year relationship...

I moved, traveled, (literally the Amazon, Antarctica) changed jobs, did therapy, dated messily, prayed, got an RV and traveled again, & MOVED again! Everything.

After hemming and hawing about working with you 1:1, when your course came out I couldn't hesitate any longer. Then 4 months into working your course, I met the love of my life at 35 years old. He took my mom ring shopping!

He is my dreamboat. We have this amazing healing dynamic with each other. Claire, you taught me how to get over heartbreak, raise myself up, and find love... And I know that if I ever have to heal again, I can."

-Dana, course student

My only hesitation about joining Claire's program was that I wondered if I could afford it, but then I asked myself, How can I afford NOT to do this? How much longer do I want to stay stuck, after 40 years of pretty much doing the same thing and never fully figuring out how to get out of my own way?

I then DECIDED I'd give anything to learn something different that WORKS.

And that is Claire's program.

Not only have I already had huge shifts and found so much value in coaching with Claire-- specifically surrounding my unavailability to myself, which is why I'd been attracting unavailable men for YEARS, but I FOUND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AFTER I HEALED MY HEART WITH BOTH OF HER PROCESSES!!!

What I love about the group is that I got SO MUCH out of watching the other women get coached.  Even though we as clients didn't interact with each other, I deeply cared for them, and was so invested in all of their growth, which I saw was happening so clearly, from call to call.  And seeing their growth, (and Claire's!) inspired me to stay committed to her processes that much more, because I had proof that this work really does work-- not just for me, but EVERYONE.

I cannot recommend Stop Wanting Him Back & Find Someone Better more highly.  I found this work while in the depths of despair in my heartbreak, and never could have imagined not just my love-life, but my whole life being this amazing, now at 42.  

 -Katie J., group student

In my life (of 68 years...), I have rarely found a coach/businessperson who coaches and offers feedback with such clarity, precision, and insight. That is what is so reassuring and makes me feel optimistic that I will finally find my guy!

I appreciate that Claire is willing to hear if her clients disagree and she doesn't put herself on a pedestal even though she is truly amazing and truly knows her stuff.

I was booted out of some coaching calls years ago (by a career intuitive coach) because I (diplomatically) questioned some of her black-and-white viewpoints. I just honestly wanted to understand something and I think most facets of life are nuanced, not black and white. That coach did not appreciate my questions. So, it's refreshing that Claire understands the nuances of life and relationships.
-Laura R., program student

“Before your program, I was escaping who I was. I didn’t know how to handle my emotions and insecurities, and I was too focused on trying to get love from the wrong man instead of giving MYSELF that love.

And what's funny is that I'm a coach-- you'd think I would know this stuff already and I THOUGHT I DID!

But, I started to REALLY know how to better love myself in the exact moment I clicked pay & invested my money, my energy my time, and my focus on your program that is a GEM!

I am LOVING dating myself for the first time in my life.

I am loving this journey between the Celine Dion songs in tears and then laughing at myself singing Celine Dion in tears!

And I am loving knowing that this coaching journey with you is bringing me closer to the love of my life : ME.

AND... to the second love of my life: THE AVAILABLE MAN WHO DESERVES ME!”

-Claudia A., program student

"After being a firm believer in the work from Claire‘s podcast, and really relating to most (if not, all) episodes, I finally decided to take the leap and applied to work with her.

I had obvious hesitations due to the big investment and worried if I would create the results I longed for, (healing my heart AND finding love) but after the first time she coached me, I knew this was the right decision for me.

Basically, Claire is the BEST coach! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and can’t even imagine where I’d be if I didn’t apply. Not only did I heal my heart, but I attracted the highest quality guy I’ve ever dated, thanks to the Belief Man Plan Claire helped me create!

I know I will obviously still go through struggles despite the fact that I created BOTH results I came for, but now I feel prepared and equipped to take on those challenges, thanks to the tools Claire taught me."


— Heather Z., private client

Earlier this year I got serious about finding love after many failed relationships. I decided to finally get out of my own way and listen to an expert with a proven track record. To say Claire’s course did the trick is an understatement. Within one month of diligently following her ‘find someone better’ process, I met an incredible guy, who I'm now engaged to, and I’m so thankful to have these tools to come back to when I need support on my personal journey.

Thank you, Claire, I couldn’t have done it without you!

-Jamie M., course student

“Claire has helped me to heal the greatest heartbreak of my life with practical tools that I now use every day. With a mix of pure grace, effervescent humor, and unparalleled intuition, Claire breaks through the bullshit — mine and others — to help me discover what I need to move forward. Not only has my 'homework' from our sessions helped me to heal past traumas, it has led me to major breakthroughs in my career, relationships, and well-being. I've already sent my nearest and dearest loved ones her way, and I will continue to do so! I'm so blessed to have Claire as a life coach. If you're ready to invest in real, meaningful, powerful change, call her — right now!”

- Liz W., private client

"Claire’s course is worth 10 times the amount. I’m self-coaching on a whole new level, and am having such profound breakthroughs that even my therapist was like, “wow you did 3 months of inner work in 2 days!” I came up with THIRTY-FIVE reasons why I DON’T want him back, and just that ALONE felt so liberating. I feel like MYSELF again."

-Juliana G., course student

"From someone who was hesitant on our initial call and even asking how can I know this will work, I can honestly say now, that signing up with Claire was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My expectations for how far I have come in our 7 months together have been beyond surpassed.

After months of unsuccessfully trying to move past a 6 year on/off relationship on my own, I finally was able to admit that a guy I was so convinced was my dream guy, was totally unavailable and NOT for me…in just 6 sessions with Claire!

And I am now in a relationship with someone who is everything I want and more!

But my work with Claire has had a positive impact on so much more than just my dating life. She helped me see the importance in being the most authentic version of myself in ALL aspects of life, whether it be in my career or with friends and family. Multiple important people in my life have commented on the positive change they have seen in me since my work with her.

I am without a doubt the happiest I have been in my adult life and the best version of myself I can imagine."

— Leah S., private client

"I bought your course after years of going through a very on & off toxic relationship, and I have found this work REMARKABLE. I honestly didn't believe I could ever get over my last heartbreak. It seemed almost impossible. I then did the work to fall in love with my own existence and I have been dating an AMAZING guy for the last five months!

Also, I just had my birthday and was reflecting on where I was only a year ago, desperately hoping my ex would send me a "happy birthday!" text, and now my current person went through the effort of getting a stunning cake delivered and did all these little things to make me feel special.

Thank you for helping me in ways you couldn't possibly imagine!

-Lee, course student

"When my 7-year relationship ended, I was an emotional wreck. Initially, I was wishy-washy about connecting with Claire, but one day, I was so down and my gut said to reach out. I'm so glad I did because I can now proudly say, THIS PROCESS WORKS!

Not only did I completely get over my ex, but I've gained a healthier state of mind and new-found confidence that has carried over to not just my love-life, but my relationships with family and friends. I have a better understanding of my emotions and now I'm aware of strategies to advocate for myself in how I want to think, feel, and show up, in all situations. I liked Claire's professional honesty but I also felt like I was talking to a friend, which allowed me to open up in a safe, non-judgemental space.

It was overall a hard journey that wasn't always an upward trajectory, but now I'm setting standards for myself as a HAPPY single woman in her search for love!"


— Ashley K., private client

Before coaching with Claire, I had lots of self-doubt and negative thoughts about myself.  I didn’t think I was attractive and believed I would never find my person.

Today, I feel like a different person:  I love myself on a much deeper level & feel very secure in my ability to take care of my feelings. The negative self-talk that was a constant in my head is now replaced with loving thoughts…

I never thought I would get to this place

AND… I found my person

He is the best there is for me and I know it would have taken me decades, if ever, to find a person like him, if I hadn’t been in Claire’s program.

I am FOREVER thankful, and I would recommend ALL of the women who don't believe in themselves or their ability to find love, to join Stop Wanting Him Back & Find Someone Better!

-Caroline V., Sweden

“When I started working with Claire, I honestly did not think I would be in the place I’m at now, only 6 months later! I knew what I wanted my life to look like— over my ex, in love with myself, & ready to find my person— but I wasn’t sure how to get there. Claire was/is my north star and helped me see that all along, the answers were inside of me. The way I now approach all my relationships (friendships, romantic, professional) has changed. I know I’m bringing a different, up-leveled energy to the table, which people in my life are picking up on. I also have this sense of self-love that I’ve never really experienced, but it feels so natural! I feel so sure of who I am, what I want, and now know what I deserve and won’t settle for again. I couldn’t be happier that I decided to take the plunge and work with Claire, because I now have the tools to navigate the ebbs and flows of life as they come my way.”


- Emma F., private client

“Claire cuts deep and tells the truth, which was uncomfortable but worth it, as I had been in a relationship for 10 years that I was too scared to get out of. After only a MONTH of working with her, I wasn’t heartbroken anymore and felt on my way up again! Coaching with Claire is so effective. You know that she loves you and wants what is best for you, but she won’t let you indulge fearful stories that don’t serve you. She helped me take my power back and heal not just my heartbreak, but then so much opened up in my career and dating life as well!”


— Natalie F., private client

"After a cumulation of years of dating the same man over and over, I had reached a breaking point. I looked for answers OUTSIDE myself, everywhere- I googled, I asked and I searched… All I wanted and needed was guidance and some enlightenment. One day, by fluke, I opened up one of Claire’s love articles on POOSH, and my life changed. I began to listen to her podcast and felt my mind expand, episode by episode.

Claire is the voice of this female generation. It is a jungle out there in the dating world, and you need some savvy and skill to get by. You also need to learn how to love yourself.

To say that this course transformed my life is an understatement. Claire is kind, warm, open, intuitive and sharp to the point that I think she may actually be psychic. She will teach you how to manage your thoughts, AND teach you how to plow through them in a different direction, in order to heal your heart.

I am now on a different level than when I began. What you learn from Claire about yourself in romance and the growth it brings, percolates into all areas of your life for the better. For me, it is a constant process but I had the best teacher.

All I can say to anyone curious here is - Claire is worth it!”

— Rachel O., private client

Through working with Claire, I managed to fix a broken heart I thought I would NEVER heal AND...FIND THE MAN OF MY DREAMS! Her huge heart, empathy, and yes, some tough love I was receptive to, helped me realize I owed it to MYSELF to do better. Claire is compassionate, challenges you, and most importantly, teaches you how to love yourself. Coaching isn’t easy, but a chance to work with Claire is truly a gift and even though it's hard, we have some great laughs too! The woman I’ve become since our work together, is one I can finally say I am proud of. I learned how to know what I deserve in my BONES, and now have a new-found confidence & independence that helped me make those hard but clear choices, as I navigated my finding-love journey under her guidance. And I'm now just in awe of my whole life--(she also coached me on my career AND my relationship with money because it's ALL interconnected) and still pinch myself over this dream guy who is like no other man I've dated before, and am now confidently planning my future with. The work was for sure hard at times, but so so worth it!

-Emily R., group student

Claire is a tough coach and has a way to balance the tough-love approach without judgement. She’ll push you into uncomfortable spaces, but stand right beside you through all of the vulnerability and discomfort in your growth. Through my work with Claire, I came to fully understand I had to learn the process of accepting and loving ALL parts of myself. I knew that intellectually loving myself was important, but ACTUALLY behaving in ways that were self-compassionate, forgiving, and accepting was the work for me. Near the end of my coaching journey with Claire is when I met my now boyfriend, and It’s the healthiest, most conscious relationship of my life. The difference between how I show up in this relationship versus past relationships is that I now know no matter what the future has in store for me and/or us, that I will always be ok. 


— Christina R., private client

"The one thing that I felt was missing from my great girlfriends & even my fantastic therapist, was the volume of specific experience Claire has in the heartbreak, dating & relationships arena... She REALLY knows what she's talking about! I did find it hard to justify spending that much money on myself, but I ultimately decided that I was worth the investment, and can definitely say it was and STILL IS worth it, as I love having life-long access to revisit the videos when I need to. I've completed 100% of the course and can safely say I became much more equipped, navigating my heartbreak-- especially when residual thoughts like, "What if he magically showed up again?," popped up, and I love that as I now put myself out to date, I don't feel as desperate or as needy. I'm much more discerning and I'm finally putting MY OWN NEEDS FIRST, which is MOST important, as I confidently and more clearly set out to find my ideal partner."

-Lea, course student

“Claire has helped me to heal the greatest heartbreak of my life with practical tools that I now use every day. With a mix of pure grace, effervescent humor, and unparalleled intuition, Claire breaks through the bullshit — mine and others — to help me discover what I need to move forward. Not only has my 'homework' from our sessions helped me to heal past traumas, it has led me to major breakthroughs in my career, relationships, and well-being. I've already sent my nearest and dearest loved ones her way, and I will continue to do so! I'm so blessed to have Claire as a life coach. If you're ready to invest in real, meaningful, powerful change, call her — right now!”

- Natalia F., private client

“Claire WILL help you do all the work you need to find your person and have the ideal relationship everyone dreams of. My work with Claire has improved literally everything in my life. I’m losing weight, killing it in my business, and my relationships are healthier than they ever have been. In particular, she has taught me to really love and cherish ME - a complete requirement for finding my person. She really pushes me - which I LOVE. She will not let your brain get away with anything that doesn’t serve you. We always laugh on our calls, and I adore her no BS approach. It’s like having a best friend who isn’t afraid to tell you every time you’re dating a complete scrub. Be prepared to WORK, and Claire will get you exactly the life and person you deserve. ”


— Meg K., private client

After our coaching was done I told myself that, when the day comes, Claire will be in the group of people I have to reach out to before announcing my engagement on social media. With that being said…


I’d say that there must be something in the air, but it’s obviously just proof that this shit works. Our coaching was an essential part in not only getting over a terrible heartbreak, but also finding new love with a great guy AND keeping it.
Long ago you asked me how I wanted to feel in a relationship with my future dream guy… well, I can finally say that I feel blissfully happy, I feel oh so very loved, and I feel so much freaking peace.

There are no words that can truly describe the impact our coaching has had, so instead I’ll say that you will always have a special place in my heart.
-Emily R., private client

The end of my last relationship was the loneliest and most isolating period of my life. I actually found Claire’s course before I ended my toxic relationship because I knew I couldn’t do it alone, and I had to prepare to move from misery to grief.

She was a lifeline and a partner to guide me to end the agony of this man’s breadcrumbing, and start moving forward to heal. Even just her language to understand my feelings is helpful for me to gain necessary perspective, which feels like a light in the darkness.

I’m honestly still in the healing process, but I know I wouldn’t be this far without Claire's course.

-Anonymous course student

I actually purchased Claire's course AFTER starting to date someone really great (who I'm STILL with now!) because I really wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything, after having moved through several heartbreaks that were similar to Claire's... I also liked knowing I had backup support on how to handle the pain if, God forbid, this one wasn't to work out either.

I really learned how to discern what were actual red flags VS falling into the trap of IMAGINING red flags, and trusting that I'd be able to see them if they were to pop up. And the Fall in Love With You videos continue to help me take care of myself when I'm not with my partner, and help me deal with any old residual thoughts that create loneliness.

I think the biggest take-away from this course and from listening to Claire for so long, was the notion that I don't have to react from every need or worry that my brain produces. I've really been allowing myself to let this relationship organically unfold, even when I automatically look for a potential fire to put out, and so far, I can honestly say I've never been happier with both myself, and IN this amazing relationship!

-Amanda, course student

This might sound cliche, but Claire’s program completely changed my life. Before I started working with Claire, I saw my life in a negative and upsetting light, and she helped me open my mind to seeing it in an entirely different way. She taught me how to trust myself, ultimately leading to me becoming more capable to make strong and confident decisions in my life. So naturally, when it came to dating it was so much easier to discern the types of people that were worth my time and those that weren’t. With her help, after only 6 months of working together, I met the love of my life. I truly didn’t believe love was in the cards for me, and now I share a deep connection with someone I consider my soulmate. If you’ve ever felt this way too, Claire’s program is for you!

-Kelly, group student

Your course has been so transformational for me. I did indeed heal heartbreak but also over a lot of sad stories I was replaying about myself. Your tools helped me to uncover these stories and start to change the narrative alongside my work in therapy and in taking real life action. I now see where I thought a man would make my life better and instead of feeling desperate for him in those moments, I reflect and take responsibility for my own life. This is a major shift for me.

I’m so grateful for you and this course because it really felt like you were holding my hand through the worst of it. Your belief and certainty in your process has been instrumental in my sticking with the work in those tough moments when I could have fallen back into a victim mentality. Today I feel empowered, which is everything, and I’m eternally grateful for your part in that. Thank you for doing what you do-- it’s so important!

-Stephanie, course student


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