When You Want To Be Pursued

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Heartbreak Podcast - When You Want To Be Pursued

In today's episode, Claire addresses the woman's desire to be pursued, specifically in heteronormative relationships. Claire herself identifies as a "traditional feminist," who appreciates the man pursuing the woman when it comes to asking her out, initiating contact, and yes, even paying for the first couple of dates, while still being all about female empowerment, independence and equality. 

HOWEVER, there were lots of ways Claire showed up at the beginning stages of her relationship with Larry that many would perceive as non-traditional pursuing between the man and woman, but she breaks down why it didn't feel like she was pursuing him.  

If you are hesitant to put yourself out there on the apps, or even get out there in the world with the intention of "you never know who you're gonna meet... more of a chance being out and about, than at home behind closed doors!," this episode is for you! 

Episode references:

  • Who Should Pay On The First Date?

  • Why It IS and Isn't About Your Love-Life

  • Dating App Smackdown

  • Three-part Empath Series


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