Too Rigid On Your Search For Love?

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Heartbreak Podcast - Too Rigid On Your Search For Love?

Claire speaks so much about how easy it is to settle for crumbs, but in this episode, she talks about common ways women automatically want to write someone off without deeply considering WHY they're writing that person off...

They're being rigid for reasons that usually have to do with past experiences, or observing someone else in a particular circumstance that makes you believe that someone who wasn't rich enough wouldn't work well for you either. (using money just as an example).

Today's episode is NOT intended for you to agree with bending the way Claire has bent for her own relationship that's right for her, but it is an invitation for you to deeply investigate WHY you're willing or not willing to give someone a chance, based on automatic beliefs you have about that person, or an idea that you need the relationship and/or him to look and be a certain way.

It just might break your brain open to be that much more open to who you're ideal guy is... that has nothing to do with his age, relationship history, or your ideal timeline of how your right relationship should unfold.


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