The Shame Of Taking So Long To Heal

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Heartbreak Podcast - The Shame Of Taking So Long To Heal

Whether you’re reeling over a long or short-term relationship, it’s already hard enough that you’re heartbroken, but then the layer of shame for how long it’s taking to heal, is a bad cherry on top!  

Claire always says there is NO SHAME over how long it takes to get over any relationship, no matter how short-lived it was. 

The pain usually isn’t really about the other person anyway.

It’s more about you and what you’re thinking that’s making you FEEL a certain way.

(At least that’s Claire’s very simplified version of heartbreak)


Thoughts like:  

  •  I’ll never get over him. 
  •  Even if he’s wrong for me, I don’t know if anyone else will do it for me like he did.
  •  What’s wrong with me that I still want him back??  

In this week’s episode Claire shares about a coaching exchange she had with a wonderful woman, who was struggling with fully letting her ex go, as well as struggling with the judgement she had about how long it was taking her to heal.

At the end of their coaching, her client said she felt so much relief, and it is Claire’s hope that if you are relating to this woman’s struggles, that you too will find relief with what she shares in this episode.


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