It Doesn't Matter How You Meet Him

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Heartbreak Podcast - It Doesn't Matter How You Meet Him

I have some amazing clients. They are all in on getting their hearts healed, falling in love with themselves, and calling in Mr. or Ms. Right. I was recently working with one client who was so committed to finding her person that she invested $3,000 in a matchmaker. Then she turned around and she found her guy on a dating app! In this episode, I share with you how she was able to find her person, and that it doesn’t matter where you find them. What matters are your thoughts. And if you’re so committed to being in that your ideal partnership, start thinking, feeling, and behaving like that woman right now, and you too can call love in. 

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Topics in this episode

  • In order to reap amazing results, you have to jump in and be ready to make strong decisions

  • Being thankful for my exes

  • Bumble doesn’t create your results. Your thoughts create your results. 

  • Don’t go on 8 different apps. Be intentional. Keep some restraint.  

  • How you are in one area of your life is how you are in all areas of your life 

  • The difference between aligned thinking versus positive thinking 



PLEASE NOTE: Claire refers to her exes and the listener’s ex as a “he,” based on her own personal experience as a heterosexual female, but this work can be applied to ANYONE going through heartbreak. ALL genders and sexual orientations are encouraged to listen and apply Claire’s tools into their own lives!


Editing and show notes by Roth Media


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