How to Manage Your Ick List

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You're seeing someone new who overall is pretty great except...

His breath is kinda bad. He doesn't know the difference between they're, their, and there! His pants are a hair too tight for your liking...


You automatically think, "YES!," but there's this other part of you that wonders, "Am I being too picky?"

Or dare I say...


Because you just can't seem to shake your long list of ICKS when it comes to meeting someone new, no matter how wonderful they are and offer up a lot of great things you're looking for in a partner.

In this episode, Claire addresses how to navigate your chronic case of the icks, and offers up some common icks she hears from her clients, that she actually thinks COULD be work-throughable... but others?

Not so much!

If you're struggling with deciphering which of your icks are valid and which icks aren't, this episode is for you!


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