Heartbreak and Anger

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Heartbreak Podcast - Heartbreak and Anger

TRIGGER WARNING as there is a mention of self-harm in this episode.

On this week’s episode, Claire talks about the importance of NOT shaming yourself when experiencing anger while moving through your heartbreak. 

Anger is an emotion that many people have been told “isn’t healthy” or is “inappropriate to carry…”

Claire wildly disagrees and shares why.

She also shares her own experience of feeling shame for all the anger she carried for years and years, without realizing the detrimental effects it was having on herself, her body, and her relationships, because she had no idea what to do with it!

Of course there is a balance when it comes to managing our anger or any other negative emotion, but the last thing Claire wants you to do is bypass it, by covering it over, denying or intentionally trying to resist it. Find out what she suggests instead and take a listen!


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