Drinking On Your Search For The One

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Heartbreak Podcast - Drinking On Your Search For The One


In the third and final episode of this 3-part series on alcohol, holistic health expert, Jamie Mckeown and Claire break down what to consider if you're wrestling with drinking more than you'd prefer, on your search for love.

You WANT to take care of your body and drink less, BUT you find it challenging NOT to drink, or to stick to only one when you're potentially going on three, four dates a week.

Or, you just can't imagine managing your dating anxiety, sober.

Like all of Claire's episodes, this is not about preaching what's right or wrong, but it is about inviting you to get curious on perhaps your automatic need for alcohol to be a bigger crutch for you than necessary, while you navigate your dating journey.

Enjoy, and be sure to check out episode 202, Your Relationship With Alcohol, which will set you up well for this particular episode!

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