Your Broken Heart On Alcohol

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Heartbreak Podcast - Your Heartbreak On Alcohol


In the second of this three-part series, holistic health expert, Jamie Mckeown, guests again and breaks down more of the science when it comes to the effects alcohol can have on your broken heart, in a light-hearted, entertaining, and non-preachy manner!  

If you are someone who tends to lean on alcohol in general, or even more so when you're nursing a broken heart, don't be afraid to listen! This is not about preaching on what's right or wrong, or good or bad.  

The purpose of this three-part series is to educate you, and perhaps remind you of some of the facts you probably already know but would be helpful to hear again, because you're wanting to have a better handle on your relationship with alcohol, whether heartbroken or not! 

Stay tuned for next week's episode, discussing navigating alcohol while dating in search of the one!


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