Your Relationship With Alcohol

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Heartbreak Podcast - Your Relationship With Alcohol


Claire brings back her bestie and health expert, Jamie Mckeowen, to discuss a topic she continues to explore in her own life: ALCOHOL.

This episode is the first of a three-part series where Claire and Jamie share about their own histories and current relationships with alcohol, and why it's an important topic for women's health that needs to be consistently revisited, because it's easy to forget about the harmful effects alcohol can have in large quantities and/or on a consistent basis. 

This first episode sets you up for the three-part series to explore your own relationship with alcohol, before Claire and Jamie dive into an episode specifically about heartbreak and alcohol, as well as dating and alcohol in the coming weeks.  

As always, the purpose of this show is to invite important conversations and deep inquiry if you too might be re-evaluating alcohol, or perhaps it's sugar, gluten, or some other substance in your life, that you know you'd benefit from consuming less of. This show is not for the purpose of telling you what health choices are correct for you! Claire always encourages you to take what she says and apply it to your own life if it feels applicable to you, but not to shame yourself if let's say you're not prepared or just don't desire to work on something that she is working on.

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