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Heartbreak Podcast - Everyone's Married Except Me


My loves! I have some big exciting news to share with you! My bestie, Jamie McKeowen, a badass holistic health coach and previous guest on this podcast, is back. And not only that, but she’s here to share with us her engagement story! You’ve heard Jamie on this podcast in previous episodes talk about her journey through healing her heart, finding her now-fiance Michael, and now she’s here to tell the big proposal story.

For someone on the outside looking in, they might think that since I’ve been with Larry for longer than Jamie has dated Michael, that I might have jealousy or have been triggered by this big news. However, not only is that not the case, but I am so excited that it feels like it’s happening for me, that’s how over the moon I am for Jamie.

I do know, though, that there are many women out there who see engagements, pregnancy announcements, or see others progress in their careers and it does trigger them and create some really tough feelings. So on this episode, that’s why I want to talk about how I got to this place where I am no longer triggered and how I got to this place of true joy and celebration for my friend. 

Jamie is just such an absolute success and proof that this work, works. She and I were both single in LA, and she saw me create this work that I do now of healing hearts and calling in love. It’s how I created my ideal relationship with Larry, and now, how Jamie has created her ideal relationship with Michael. If these are the kinds of results you are looking for, then I highly suggest you purchase my 60-video course where I walk you through the process step by step. You can find out more information on my website at: https://course.clairetheheartbreakcoach.com/thecourse. I also offer a group coaching program where we take the foundations from the course and go next level with the healing and the work. To learn more, you can apply at: https://course.clairetheheartbreakcoach.com/

Topics In This Episode

  • When you believe something is in the cards for other people, it will continue to play out that way 

  • Everyone is on their own journey, with their own timelines

  • You can hold 2 things at once - both sadness for yourself, and happiness for others 

  • It might look different than how you picture it, but the reality that you create can be even better than the fantasy you’ve always imagined

  • Being committed to following your own path 

  • Creating peace with where you are right now



PLEASE NOTE: Claire refers to her exes and the listener’s ex as a “he,” based on her own personal experience as a heterosexual female, but this work can be applied to ANYONE going through heartbreak. ALL genders and sexual orientations are encouraged to listen and apply Claire’s tools into their own lives!

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