Are My Feelings Valid Or Am I Being Dramatic?

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Heartbreak Podcast - Are My Feelings Valid Or Am I Being Dramatic?


It’s no secret that I am a fiery, Irish woman. Even from my infancy, there are well-known family stories that they would have to tip-toe around me so that I wouldn’t wake up kicking and screaming. As an adult, I’ve been told that I am too dramatic and over the top. But when my gaslighting, narcissistic sociopath ex started saying the same thing, I began to really doubt myself.

This is the exact topic that was brought up on a recent group coaching call with a client in my program, Stop Wanting Him Back and Find Someone Better. In working with this client, we have been cleaning up some stories from her emotionally abusive ex, and one of the remnants of his abuse left her unable to determine if her feelings were valid or not. In this episode, I share with you how to break it down and determine what your feelings are and how to have your own back through the process of figuring it out.

Topics In This Episode

  • Sometimes Mr. Right comes before we are fully prepared 

  • It takes time to get to know someone. And if this your Mr. or Ms. Right, then what’s the rush?

  • Fear of getting hurt again in your next or current relationship 

  • Are your feelings valid or are you being dramatic? You get to decide.

  • The power of group coaching

  • Looking at the source of your shame and blame

  • Different ways self-doubt can show up 

  • Taking ownership of your feelings

If you are finding yourself struggling and really wanting to take this work to the next level, I invite you to join Stop Wanting Him Back and Find Someone Better. It’s a one year program that includes three group coaching calls a week. Plus, you have access to over 60 videos of how to achieve the three results of stopping wanting Mr. or Ms. Wrong back, falling in love with yourself on a deep level that you never would have if you hadn’t gone through this heartache, and you will find someone better. To learn more and apply, go to



PLEASE NOTE: Claire refers to her exes and the listener’s ex as a “he,” based on her own personal experience as a heterosexual female, but this work can be applied to ANYONE going through heartbreak. ALL genders and sexual orientations are encouraged to listen and apply Claire’s tools into their own lives!

Editing and show notes by Roth Media


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