Three Dates Is NOTHING

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Heartbreak Podcast - Three Dates Is NOTHING


How many times have you been swiping on the apps, or gone on a first date and thought, “oh my god, this is my person”? I hear that so often from clients and have even felt that in my dating life in the past! The truth is, you’re “all in” to the idea of your person, and it’s not bad to be in your feels and into the idea of this person. However, it can put added pressure on a situation and won’t help you find Mr. or Ms. Right. In this episode, I share examples from clients, possible outcomes of this mindset, and how to show up differently in your dating life.

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Topics in this episode

  • Staying open to someone even if they don’t make you feel giddy

  • If you haven’t asked, don’t make assumptions

  • “I got it wrong again”

  • Why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket

  • Noticing when your thoughts come from a place of fear or need

  • Recognizing when you need to slow it down



PLEASE NOTE: Claire refers to her exes and the listener’s ex as a “he,” based on her own personal experience as a heterosexual female, but this work can be applied to ANYONE going through heartbreak. ALL genders and sexual orientations are encouraged to listen and apply Claire’s tools into their own lives!

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